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Discover an effective “foolproof” Business Success program that empowers you with the skills you need to build the business of your dreams FASTER and EASIER than you ever thought possible!
Dear Entrepreneur,
  • Are you struggling with your business? Stressed out and Frustrated by failures – even when you thought you were doing everything RIGHT?
  • You bought so many “business” books, bought so many “courses” and attended seminars. Still no results?
  • Do you ever doubt your ability to have a business of your own even after checking various resources?
In fact, I dare say THROW AWAY all those “How To Succeed” business and marketing courses! They were all created ONLY to make you do ONE thing: BUY MORE of that guru’s PRODUCTS! The “dirty little secret” of the “entrepreneur how-to” world is that ALL the money is in selling “how-to” information – which is NOT a real-world business! 

That’s why I refuse to play that game. I don’t have a “How To” course. Probably never will, thanks to lots of hard work, good fortune, and success in business.
Meet your Business Strategist, Petya Edwards
Hi, I’m Petya Edwards, business & marketing strategist for modern, passion-driven female entrepreneurs. My Mission Is To MAKE You SUCCEED! 

That’s right – I said MAKE you. Not just “help” you or “assist” you or “coach” you. No. I will HELP you MAKE money. That’s because, for THREE SOLID MONTHS, I will be “on your ass” EVERY SINGLE WEEK, and inspiring you to DO the things I TELL you to do. You don’t have to do any thinking. You leave the thinking up to me.

When I started in business, I didn’t know the first thing about sales and marketing. I had to learn everything the HARD way at first. (I’m originally from Bulgaria. Imagine) But then along the way, I met and married THE most wonderful man in the world! My husband, Tim Edwards, was already a super-successful international marketing star. He had built many worldwide business organizations, starting from a very young age.

He’s a “whiz kid”… Well, to make it quick, he taught me EVERYTHING there is to know about SUCCESSFUL MODERN MARKETING! I mean everything. When we first met, it was my thirst for knowledge and business wisdom that he found attractive. He loves his work, and he’s the best at it. (Despite my bias!) And so, naturally, it all “rubbed off” on ME! At first I didn’t believe it could all be SO SIMPLE But I put it to the test, and sure enough… I Instantly STOPPED STRUGGLING To Make It All WORK!

My TWO small businesses started to work EXACTLY like I always dreamed they would! You know, the way they always TOLD us it should be! Well, the reason it never seems to work out the way they “told” us it would… is because we’ve all been MISSING MANY KEY INGREDIENTS that my husband opened my eyes to and my life CHANGED instantly. My Husband Opened My Eyes To The Hidden Marketing Mysteries That Only The Most Successful People In The World Secretly Know and Practice EVERY DAY!

That’s the knowledge I will share with you.
My Mission Is To MAKE You SUCCEED!
As a business entrepreneur, I see SO MANY women who are STRUGLLING when they don’t NEED to! That’s why I want to help YOU reach a position of SUCCESS and WEALTH and STATUS so that you never have to struggle again. You see, as an internationally sought-after business consultant, I meet women every day who are… LOOKING FOR ANSWERS and simply…NOT FINDING THEM!

It hurts me to see women who are so strongly enthusiastic about being in business for themselves only to get “taken” by the hucksters and shysters out there, greedily taking these ladies’ hard-earned money (which is sometimes the rent money!) and giving them nothing but “fluff” courses and vague, general information that just DOESN’T APPLY to the REAL world.

 It’s time to change things for good!
One time Payment (Save $250)
Save $250 by paying $1997 at once 
Pay in two installments
Initial payment of $997 on sign up, remaining 
balance of $1248 due in 30 days

My Inner Circle coaching will transform your business completely. From start to finish. You will have a fully functioning profitable business. Guaranteed or I will pay YOU back! 

What you get from
We will start by accessing your business goals, what you are selling, what is your sales process look like, how do you generate your traffic and leads.

My Inner Circle coaching will transform your business completely. From start to finish. You will have a fully functioning profitable business. Guaranteed or I will pay YOU back! 

My Inner Circle coaching will transform your business completely. From start to finish. You will have a fully functioning profitable business. Guaranteed or I will pay YOU!
Even being a top producer and 7 figure earner with a billion dollar brand, I wanted more and I needed something to take my business to the next level. I was blessed to come across Petya Edwards. After being in business for many years. I had already been coached and mentored by others who “told me how to do it”, I bought all the books, courses, attended seminars, I even built my own system. With everything I had learned, my team still wasn’t using social media effectively. I started working with Petya, I have never ever ever had someone literally “take me by the hand like a strategic partner...and do it with me” step by step. Once I started using the strategies, in just 6 short weeks my understanding went through the roof, it was like magic! If you get the chance to work with her you will be blessed beyond belief! 

Leigh Barnes
Network Marketing Top Leader
Petya has been such an inspiration, a great role model and a great mentor throughout this venture! Over time, with her help, I have gained so much knowledge about online marketing and e-commerce plus how to market my brand and company on social media. Throughout this journey, Petya has been incredibly supportive and gave me the guidance on how to be a successful entrepreneur. She has taught me the right methods to network and strategies to promote my business. It's been a wonderful journey so far and I am looking for many more to come. Cheers!

Rupal Ahmed
Founder & Designer of Essential Metalz Jewelry
I have had the opportunity to be coached by Petya Edwards for the past 6 months. I have learned so much about social media as well as creating a website which is user friendly for customers. I have also learned how to target market the best consumers for my product. This knowledge I have received and continue to learn has helped my company tremendously and I could not have done it without her. Petya is very knowledgeable not only in business but in many other areas of social media and most importantly her knowledge has helped me successfully market my cards. 

Amy James
Founder of Amy’s Social Butterfly
Petya has been an amazing coach. One of my weaknesses was understanding how to connect with my customers and build long lasting relationships. She has helped me understand the power of focusing on one customer at a time. Sometimes you rush things trying to get masses of people exposed to your business, but Petya understands how important relationships are and she has not only taught me that but she lives it as well. She has always made me feel like I could overcome any obstacle and she pulled me in...making me feel close as a friend. The way Petya connects with you is rarely found in the world today. She is the real deal and I’m so honored to have her in my corner. 

Bridgette Reed Owner
Olivia Sophia Stationery 
We would work hand-in-hand to make your business come to life!
One time Payment (Save $250)
Save $250 by paying $1997 at once
Pay in two Instalments
Initial payment of $997 on sign up, remaining
balance of $1248 due in 30 days
By the end of that 90 Days, you will know in black and white, or red ink if you made money or not. If you did NOT make money, my entire fee – every penny you paid – is refunded to you ON THE SPOT. I Stand By My Word!

But you must, too. There are stringent requirements and qualifications for being part of my program. In other words, YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK A LOT.

So if you’re not willing to work, don’t call. It’s as simple as that. And if you’re not willing to spend the money it takes ($1,997) to get to where you want to go, simply click away.

I’m looking for only TEN serious and passionate students. That’s my MAX. I can handle ten at a time, comfortably, but no more. Therefore, please CONTACT ME NOW if you’re interested, and if you feel you would be qualified.

I will happily schedule an hour of my time for you. Just don’t waste it. Again… if you’re not qualified, again… don’t bother but if you ARE, this will be the BEST investment of your life!

Thank you very much for your time, and I hope I can be the one to make you SUCCESSFUL by working together!
P.S. I realize I’m “going out on a limb” here, but let me be bold enough to say…
It’s mainly because of my vast experience in international business, sales, and marketing and because of what I learned from my husband about the “secrets” of business success, I have tremendous knowledge on how to help ANY woman in business today.

It doesn’t matter what you do or what you sell. I can help you with the entire Business Success process from the “occult” secrets of branding to understated but brilliant marketing strategies you can launch on a shoestring budget, social selling, building audiences for local events… and attracting prospects and customers using social media. You’ll learn from me EVERYTHING you need for Business Success. That’s my promise to you.

I know from ALL my experience that you WILL make money the moment you implement the very first thing I tell you to do! (It’s an amazing “trick” you have to see to believe.) Once you see how EASY it is to MAKE MONEY, you will have no problem doing it over and over again. That’s why I have NO PROBLEM making my “100% Money-Back Guarantee” as my Promise of Results.

Considering that I am at risk more than you are, you can bet your sweet arse I’m going to MAKE you make money! Therefore, you WON’T LOSE when you join my program! 

SCHEDULE A CALL TODAY let's have a conversation, tell me what’s going on in your life and business, and see if you’re qualified for my program.

Remember: CALL NOW – because I’m going to accept only TEN(10) new students at this time (making my final decisions in the next few days). So take a chance and schedule a call. If you’re a SERIOUS AND PASSIONATE business woman, I look forward to hearing from you!
Petya can be reached at or 214.971.5005
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